Swim the Mediterranean with Buccaneer Swimming Pools

One of Perth, Western Australia’s leading pool companies, Buccaneer Swimming Pools, is proud to introduce the Mediterranean Series of four brand new, innovative safety ledge designs to their fantastic range of fibreglass pool models.

All four models have been designed in a modern style that offers a large, uninterrupted swimming area ideal for recreation and exercise as well as two corner sit-outs at the opposite end for relaxation. Two sets of side entry steps at the shallow end allow a safe entry and exit point for all swimmers.

The Napoli and Riviera models are of the same style, though they are offered in different dimensions to suit a wide range of backyards. The Riviera is the more compact of the two at 6.7m long and 3.1m wide, while the Napoli is a much longer pool at 7.9m by 3.4m. Their depths also differ slightly, although they both begin at 1m deep, the Riviera is deepest at 1.75m and the Napoli at 1.89m.

The Monaco and St Tropez fibreglass pool models are slightly longer and wider than the Napoli and Riviera. Like the latter models, these two are the same shape but are offered in different dimensions. These swimming pools are a perfect, long lap pool ideal for both relaxation and exercise.

The Monaco’s length is almost endless at a huge 10.6m while its width is 4.4m. This model also offers a safe diving depth of 2m at the deep end, and a safe play area for younger swimmers with a depth of 1m at the shallow end.

The St Tropez is ideal for swimmers wanting an interrupted lap swim but may not have the room for a 10.6m long pool like the Monaco. This model is slightly smaller than the Monaco at 8.5m long and 3.8m wide, with a 1.78m deep end.

All of these stylish new models incorporate plenty of areas to sit back and relax once the play and exercise is over, including the two corner sit outs and the wide side entry steps that offer the perfect place to rest.

Like all Buccaneer Swimming Pools popular safety designs, these fantastic new models feature a safety ledge along the three deepest walls, offering a sturdy profile to stand upon that is ideal for supervised children learning to swim.

Add gas or solar heating to your new pool to get a much longer, more enjoyable swimming season out of your brand new pool. Also choose from the wide range of colours and finishes available at Buccaneer Swimming Pools, including the brand new, fade resistant Pool ColourGuard that is the most technologically advanced fibreglass pools protection system on the market.

For a season of fun, enjoyment and exercise for the whole family, visit one of Buccaneer Pools’ display centres around Perth, located in Belmont, Joondalup and Baldivis.

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